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  4. Azuki

    Favorite OST

    I would probably say Forza Horizon 4 Hospital Records Radio The first time Hospital has ever made an OST for a videogame, every song was made exclusively for the game (although you can buy the album on the 26th October 2018)
  5. Azuki


    Well, I guess I should have kept more up to date with the going ons here at Liquicity, because then I would've noticed that we had an official forum. Ah well, never too late to join in with fellow Liquicitizens!
  6. Marc

    Chill mix 2

    Soo, idk if this site is still alive or not, but why not give it a shot. For those who listened to my chill mix, i made a second one, would be glad if you had any feedback!
  7. Natascha

    Friction - Connections

    Hope you all had a listen to this one already, it's madness! 👌
  8. Anyone in London going to this on Friday? https://www.facebook.com/events/1943413772357018/
  9. Toss-T

    Edlan Demo Drop

    Whatsup everyone, judging by silence here i guess i'm gonna be the first one to drop in with my latest tune 😛 https://toss-t.fanlink.to/Movement
  10. Jemjem

    Liquicity London - 03/11/18

    I was not supposed to... but going again this year for the double w-e Spearhead+Liquicity 😉
  11. Jogo

    Liquicity London - 03/11/18

    buzzing for this
  12. Marc

    Chilled Liquid DNB mix

    Hey, so im trying to make my own mixes together with visual parts, that corespond to the sound. Here is my first mix, hope you like it! 🙂
  13. WyrdaElda

    Post your merch ideas for Liquicity!

    Buttons might be cool
  14. robbsnor

    Post your merch ideas for Liquicity!

    Liquicity socks ^^
  15. Jemjem

    2018 Festival Feedback

    I just wrote a review for a project I recently joined in Barcelona: For me, the main negative points were not due to the organisation (except the queuing one) but to some people behaviors, as said before... Stealing cups from the pockets to get the refund, stealing chairs on the campsite and opening stuff to take beers, taking Kartents.... That may be "normal" for some festivals, but it never happened before at Liquicity as far as I know. For the cup issue, I guess the only solution would be to limit the number of refunds possible, like they do at LiR. Another idea we can take from other festivals: the wristband chip instead of the liq card, as a lot got lost etc Also for the Kartent that got stolen (I mean, taken without being reserved), maybe build a closed area only accessible by people having ordered one.
  16. Alex 'Bryophyta'

    My Friend did a Summer Mix

    It's got a bunch of Liquicity songs in it as well as some dancefloor, jungle, halftime, hope you enjoy!
  17. liquidmemoirs

    Edlan Demo Drop

    Hey, Is it too late to send tunes? 🙂
  18. Stefan

    Festival '18 Cooldown

    I'm in love with nebula ❤️ Hope they'll continue the concept next year. Sadly missed most of ramses b's psytrance set, but TC's secret set was the most memorable moment of the entire weekend for me
  19. Jasper

    Post your merch ideas for Liquicity!

    Ohh yeah I saw the dude in the full outfit too, those shoes were amazing. I want to have them too. Would definitely pay 100 euro for it if they are good quality and have a nice design.
  20. frozenbow

    Post your merch ideas for Liquicity!

    On festival now I have seen one guy totally in galaxy outfit. What did surprise me were the shoes. I always have hard decisions decide which one to buy. With liquicity ones I would not hesitate. I know it is long term- deal with company that makes them (i prefer nike 😄 ) It should be made on order at first (first pay, then product). Sport design (I prefer them, but we all should be able to dance with them right? So) The question is, how many ppl would buy them for ...maybe 100 euros?
  21. Memory

    Rip it apart.

  22. Memory

    Feedback appreciated! :)

    It's got all the right vibes it's just not hitting me the way I was expecting. The drop sounds quite tinny although maybe I'm using the wrong reference, but is this the kind of vibe you're going for?
  23. Ferragosto

    Share your vinyl collection!

  24. Jeroen E

    2018 Festival Feedback

    Let me start by saying I had a great weekend. It felt good to be back and eventhough I messed up my ankle during the festival, it was great to go crazy on the tunes of all the great artists again! My opinion on what should(n't) be changed, is as follows: Negative: Not much really. Of course, as has been discussed frequently during the weekend itself: the entrance. It took waaay too long to get in for so many people. We had to wait 1,5 hour to get in, which was 'quick' compared to others. And then just one more point: the showers were very inconsistent when it comes to hot/cold water. My brother had water that was way too hot, my water was freezing cold. Would be nice to have this fixed next year 😊 Positive: I feel like this could be a long list 😋 Great selection of artists, Lunar stage looked absolutely amazing and drew much more attention than the dark tent of last year. Much more spots to chill and get out of the burning sun. Oh, and let's not forget about the hard cups! The site was so clean, the floor wasn't sticky, you could sit down in the grass at any point without having to worry about plastic cups lying about. Then, the toilets. I have definately overcome my fear of Dixies 😂 Haha, just kidding, but they were so clean, well supplied and not smelly all weekend long. Big, big shout out to everyone who did their absolute best to keep them this way all weekend! Also, food posibilities were great (for non-vegans like myself at least). Many posibilities to choose from and of good quality (the pasta was great! 🤤). BREAK: Look at this awesome picture of a completely empty Galaxy Stage on Sunday morning. So peacefully and quite 😍 Post continues below! Neutral: Not sure whether these things are positive or negative.. It was so unclear who was playing Nebula (and when), which was quite a shame. On the other hand, this keeps things interesting and surprising. Can't quite make up my mind yet 😋 Another point for me has to do with the silent disco. It was free this year, but I didn't know it usually wasn't. So yeah, it was great to have free entrance this year, but I think I feel like it should be free entrance anyway. Feels kind of weird to have to pay for the night program, or at least a part of it. One last thing, something that Liquicity can't quite help fixing, but something that we as a community should. What was up with all the messages of stolen chairs, wallets, glasses, cups and even a freakin' wheel of a camper?! Last year, there were hardly any incidents like this if I remember correctly and that was something to cherish, that was a part of the Liquicity vibe that everyone is talking about. Next year it would be great to see less of these messages again, but of course that's all up to the visitors of the festival! Oh, and the Michael meme is getting just a tiny bit annoying, guys 😉
  25. frozenbow

    2018 Festival Feedback

    Negative: - Andromedik way too early Personal Negative: - threw flag at Koven, signed it but never returned to me 😭 Positive: - everything else - music, shops, etc....but must say I never had such a good food on any festival - the atmosphere in the evening was like a farytale. Fog everywhere, only lights barely shined through around the place with one shiny door above the lake. Horizontal blue wall was up looking like galaxy stars are near, little fire on the ground.. friendly people all around.. totaly fell in love with this place.
  26. Tomtomdehs

    2018 Festival Feedback

    Someone has this idea on the Facebook group, I think it's the better place to do it! 🙂 So what could be improve ? What was perfect and that we have to keep for next year ? What you really don't want to see again ? ... Bad point : - For me, only one thing to improve, the drinkable water... On the campsite, it was really hard to drink enough water. If you didn't have a bottle, it was really annoying 😕 And inside the festival it was a bit better, but I think that could be better about drinkable free water. - About the showers, it could be great to have the possibility to take one after all concerts, just before bed ! There are less people and it's really nice when you danced too much 😛 Good point : - You really should keep the lunar stage like it is, it was perfect! - Chilling parts were amazing Cheers 🙂
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