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    Wednesday 27 November 2013
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    T and Sugah & NCT - Say to me
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    Can't just choose one, I like a lot of them ❤
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    MC Fava 👌
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    Friction - Connections
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    Liquicity Drawstring Gym Bag
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    Liquicity Summer Festival ❤
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    NCT & T and Sugah - Summer Festival 2017

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  1. Natascha

    Friction - Connections

    Hope you all had a listen to this one already, it's madness! 👌
  2. Anyone in London going to this on Friday? https://www.facebook.com/events/1943413772357018/
  3. Natascha

    personal schedule on app

    It still keeps crashing on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S5 2015) even after deleting cache and everything 😕 Hope it works fine before the festival starts, that would be awesome.
  4. Natascha

    [Forum Game] Rate the song above you!

    Yes, please ❤️ for me this is a 10/10, I love it when there's a lot happening in a song, but is has to be done right, which is the case here. And the mix still has the feel of the original song left. It's not a copy but still recognisable 👍 Here's mine:
  5. Natascha

    Basic packing list

    It really was pretty cold at night, the sleeping bag was not enough to keep me warm and I had long (but too thin) sleeping clothes. This year I'll take thermal leggings/tights with me and warm socks and more warm clothes in general so I can layer them.
  6. Natascha

    Guess the song

    That's Technimatic feat. Zara Kershaw - Parallel 😊 A classic one 😃 Here's mine : "Nothing's certain and I'll keep searching"
  7. Natascha

    Tunes that make you look like you ate a lemon

    One of my all time favs 👍
  8. Natascha

    Liquicity Phone Wallpapers

    I added some timetable wallpapers as well: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cyq0hoo9itinuis/AADp6a81nuqo9asU64nwjKzca?dl=0 Or you can just use the ones I added here, I don't know how the quality is though. For the best quality just download them from the dropbox-folder 😃
  9. Natascha

    Share your playlist

    Oh wow, I have a lot of listening to do now 😄 This is my playlist, growing since 2012 😄 A lot of the big ones in there,but also some really nice and hidden gems I found along the way 😃
  10. Natascha

    Post your merch ideas for Liquicity!

    I agree with the phone cases, but I think for the laptop cases you could go with the most common sizes. At least that's what a lot of smaller artists do when they want their art to be on merch. Even for phone cases you couls go for the common ones. But I know they have a limited amount of money and it still is just merch 😃
  11. Natascha


    Another potterhead 😄 👍 One movie that I can watch over and over again is "Constantine". I can't really pinpoint out why, but I have seen it about 8 times already and I never get tired of it 😄
  12. https://www.facebook.com/events/175888023116609/ Anyone going? 😀
  13. Natascha

    Must watch sets

    I just listened to Rameses B's new release, he calls it psy dnb and it really is something different and not as relaxed 😄 All the sets I saw from him were always very calming, which I reall like. Sometimes I have the feeling that the artists think they have to smash it and so they play the harder stuff (I hope you get what I mean). For example last year at the family day I was really looking forward to Koven and they have some really awesome tunes, but they played a lot of dubstep and really hard stuff, so I was disappointed as I expected them to play a lot more of their last EPs. I'm really curious about their performance this year 😃
  14. I went to the Summer Festivals in 2016 and 2017. I've been to the 3 Winterfestivals and last year I was at the Family Day 😊
  15. Favourite songs is quite hard 😄 But I can give you some artists and albums that I enjoy listeneing to. I love Banks, she makes some really nice R'n'b stuff, kind of dark and twisted even. I like the older stuff from 30 seconds to Mars, "A beautiful lie" is still one of my favourite albums of all time. The new stuff is too much pop for me. Linkin Park of course, I was on a concert before and really wanted to go again, but unfortunately Chester died, which is still unreal to me...But Hybrid Theory is a classic one which I love to get back to. Lately I've also been listening to the new album from The Glitch Mob, I liked some stuff before and when it was suggested to me on Spotify, I gave it a listen and really enjoy it 😃 And this is totally random but I do like Shawn Mendes when it comes to pop. His new album is very experimental and funky and jazzy, which surprised me a lot 😄 And there's probably not one song from Mr Suicide Sheep that I don't like, but one particular got me which was "Stephen - Play me like a violin". As you can see, I really don't limit myself, there's just so much good music outside of dnb too 😄