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  1. Wouter


    I wouldn't really consider myself a Potterhead. I just haven't seen a whole lot of movies, so it's pretty easy to pick favourites. Tv shows>movies. 😇
  2. 👀 Very yes. What are some of your favourite songs outside of dnb?
  3. Wouter


    Arrival. I stumbled upon the trailer and it was the first trailer (of a movie) in forever where I went "I have to see this movie in theaters". Went to see it and it's now my favourite movie. Other than that I like both the Lord of the Rings (The Hobbit was ok too I suppose) and the Harry Potter series.
  4. Wouter

    Music issue on Phone

    This is almost definitely the case. If you go afk for long enough the Chrome tab shows a pause button (as in: there's media that's paused, with the media being Babble).
  5. Wouter

    Your worst clashes

    Saturday: Keeno, Submatik and Calibre Sunday: Flite, Dan Dakota and Madface
  6. Wouter

    HELP ! Festival in Europe

    A decent amount of dnb both times I went (not sure about dubstep) . Hospitality night, Noisia, Maduk. There's also a ton of small stages spread across the island and one of them had a dj spinning dnb every night. It's actually where I heard some of the Outer Edges tunes for the first time live.
  7. Wouter

    What series are you currently watching?

    The last (current/whatever) season of The 100 is pretty bad so far though. Unfortunate that they couldn't keep it at a steady uphill pace.
  8. Wouter

    Greeings fellow humanoids

    Hello person. Welcome and I hope you passed!
  9. When you afk for a while you get this, it says "Return to Babble" but it's really hard to read.
  10. Not sure if it's my favourite, but I really liked this one:
  11. Wouter

    Share your Liquicity memories

    At the 2015 festival I accidentally swallowed my gum and got a panick attack resulting in a headache which went away during the Feint B2B Fox stevenson set (which was magical with the slight drizzle btw). Yea.
  12. Wouter

    Discussion: New Award Ideas!

    Awards for having a certain amount of post on certain boards. Examples: Gamer award for posting in Gaming Helpful user, feedback Bug squatter, bugs Sharing is caring, music An award for following Liquicity on all platforms (Facebook, Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud, Instagram).
  13. Yes it was, thanks for looking into it!