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  1. What a sick weekend! Besides getting some sunstroke and queuing for a good few hours, this year was damn cool. Any standout moments/sets for you? What was awesome/needing some improvement in your eyes?
  2. Hey! A quick heads up, there is likely train disruptions beginning on the Saturday until the following week for particular lines including to and from Amsterdam/Alkmaar. If you're travelling on the Saturday, Sunday or back from the festival on Monday, try to give extra time for travel. There apparently will be replacement services, and alternative but longer indirect services are available.
  3. James

    Requesting ID

    Camo & Krooked - Passion going into Misanthrop - Blurred
  4. James

    Need help finding good earplugs

    Personally I got a pair of silicon ones from Amazon, work a treat. Theyre quite flat frequency-wise and I never really run into any issues using them. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00FMRZJ6G
  5. James

    Looking for some feedback!

    This is super super smooth man! Sounds like you've absolutely nailed this. Personally I'd love those 808 bass hits to be the tiniest bit more tuned - but that's just me πŸ™‚ Mixdown is super clean, vocals fit perfectly structurally with the track, and the general structure of the track has no issues whatsoever. You're onto a solid one here mate!
  6. James

    A mix that I gone and done

    Only just checked this one out man! Sounds super smooth so far (1/4 of the way through atm), might have to meet for a mix sometime in the future πŸ˜„
  7. Just a small one I noticed - whenever liking a thread comment, the value shown for total likes doesn't update until I refresh the page. Unsure if this is happening for anyone else! e24f337315f418534c336dd1ecb86290.mp4
  8. James

    Culture Shock - There for you

    Mad that this one came out so quickly after being announced, and such a surprise to see it out on mau5trap too. Hopefully we get to see some more Sequence tracks soon.
  9. Really happy to listen to whatever comes my way πŸ™‚People put a lot of time, effort, heart and soul into this entire genre of electronic music, so I'm happy to move from Current Value or wrecking my head one minute, to something chilled like Blu Mar Ten or super funky like Dossa & Locuzzed. If the love is there its good!
  10. James

    Its ya boi! Lenees

  11. James

    Add your Emojis!

    We could maybe get the ones that've played at events added πŸ˜‰
  12. Gonna check this one in a bit! 😍
  13. Title πŸ˜„ Give us a few links to listen to and why they're pulling all the right strings for you at the moment!
  14. James

    What dub(s) do you want to see released?

    This is one I want to see happen at some point! I think Champion said there was/is no plans to release it officially, but doesn't stop me wanting it haha
  15. James

    Share your Liquicity memories

    I think the policy in place where you couldn't have lids on the water bottles or take it in or out of the event grounds meant there was a lot more waste. Defo hoping for reusable cups this time!