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    Hybrid minds - Lost (Pola and Bryson remix)
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    Fava, Mota, Degs
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  1. Marc

    Chill mix 2

    Soo, idk if this site is still alive or not, but why not give it a shot. For those who listened to my chill mix, i made a second one, would be glad if you had any feedback!
  2. Marc

    Chilled Liquid DNB mix

    Hey, so im trying to make my own mixes together with visual parts, that corespond to the sound. Here is my first mix, hope you like it! 🙂
  3. Marc

    A Summery Dancefloor mix I made

    Duuuude, so much fckn bangers in there! Loved it, keep up the good work! Is the tracklist available? I know most of them but there still some i really want to know! Thanks 😉
  4. Marc

    Your favourite mix on Youtube?

    Nice to see someone listening to Kasgers podcasts! I've been listening to it since LnB 15 and i must say he is getting better and better and Horton, what else is there to say, just classic
  5. Yay Commix, this one gets kinda oldschoolish, i like that 7/10 Here is mine:
  6. Marc

    Your favourite mix on Youtube?

    Sets are okay aswell, but i would like to see mixes from someone, who does this for a passion not from live sets or something like that. Don't get me wrong, i am not trying to say that these are somewhat bad (i would never say that!) , but i enjoy mixes that are made "at home" if that makes sense 🙂
  7. Hey, so i wanna know what kind of mixes you listen to while working or just chilling. My most favourite one is this one: This guy made the most soulful transitions i've ever heard. But i wanna see your favourites! Post it down below so i have something more to listen to 🙂
  8. Marc

    Must watch sets

    Gonna check that one out! Thanks for the suggestion 🙂
  9. Marc

    Must watch sets

    Saturday : BCee, Calibre, Fox Stevenson, Hybrid minds, Keeno, Maduk, Muzzy, SEBA - 200%!, Tantrum Desire, Pola and Bryson, Raise Spirit Sunday : Danny Byrd, Maduk, Nu:Tone, B-Complex, Blue Marble, Flite, GLXY, Madface, T and Sugah As for the MCs i am really looking forward to see (aside from the classics like Fava and Mota) the new upcoming talent - Degs. I listened to his debut single Poveglia and i must say, he really has a beautiful voice