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    Until The Dawn - We Are One People (Flite Remix)
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    Fava,Inja and Mota
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    Hoodies (Ya know that old school one you could get at the first summer festival)
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    Liquicity Summer Festival 2018
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    Dimension Liquicity festival 2017

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  1. WyrdaElda

    Post your merch ideas for Liquicity!

    Buttons might be cool
  2. Oh yeah no not trying to kill you guys. In the NL paracetamol is the most basic painkiller you can get and I use it when I have a headache so thats why I wrote it down.
  3. WyrdaElda

    Personalized Earplugs - Where2buy?

    I mean you could get like super duper fancy ones that they mold to your ears for like 125 euro's? You would need to replace those every 3/4 years tho cause you ears keep growing. https://www.beterhoren.nl/-/pluggerz-oordoppen-op-maat
  4. WyrdaElda

    Tune Of The Day

    Holy crap this song is already 3 years old...
  5. WyrdaElda

    The Hype Topic

    I swear to god if they plan Veela and Flite at the same time slot I'm going to protest 😧
  6. WyrdaElda

    Who's excited for E3?

    I'm just really hoping they're going to release or at least show case Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch. I need another AC game to put in at least 500 hours by paying my crippling debt to a raccoon.
  7. WyrdaElda

    Offline JRPG

    I've played Tales of Symphonia, Time Hollow (Japanese adventure game but still worth the mention), Rune Factory 2 and 4, Dragon Quest IX and does Fire Emblem count?
  8. WyrdaElda

    Need help finding good earplugs

    You would need to buy personalised ones every 3 years or so cause your ears keep growing and changing. But if you have the money for it it's def worth it.
  9. WyrdaElda

    Basic packing list

    Pro tip for the showers: Go at a weird time like middle of the day so you won't have to wait in line
  10. WyrdaElda

    The Hype Topic

    I mean even Dimension smiles in there, so you just know it was a hella good one
  11. WyrdaElda

    Veela's French songs

    I guess most of you guys don't know she also has French songs and imo they're actually pretty good, my favorite is probably Fortuit tho 😄
  12. WyrdaElda

    The Hype Topic

  13. WyrdaElda

    Culture Shock - There for you

    It's giving me Summer night vibes