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    Maduk, NCT, T&Sugah, Mediks,..
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    Blue flag (news: lost in festival 2018..no more -_-)
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    Liquicity yearmix 2013

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  1. frozenbow

    Post your merch ideas for Liquicity!

    On festival now I have seen one guy totally in galaxy outfit. What did surprise me were the shoes. I always have hard decisions decide which one to buy. With liquicity ones I would not hesitate. I know it is long term- deal with company that makes them (i prefer nike 😄 ) It should be made on order at first (first pay, then product). Sport design (I prefer them, but we all should be able to dance with them right? So) The question is, how many ppl would buy them for ...maybe 100 euros?
  2. frozenbow

    2018 Festival Feedback

    Negative: - Andromedik way too early Personal Negative: - threw flag at Koven, signed it but never returned to me 😭 Positive: - everything else - music, shops, etc....but must say I never had such a good food on any festival - the atmosphere in the evening was like a farytale. Fog everywhere, only lights barely shined through around the place with one shiny door above the lake. Horizontal blue wall was up looking like galaxy stars are near, little fire on the ground.. friendly people all around.. totaly fell in love with this place.
  3. Ladies and gentlemen, on every festival there are things you see and your mind just blows. I was thinking.. we are such a great people (i mean it). So what if 😊 Every one of us brings something that is close to him. Something that he likes(or hates) but must be willing to give away. At festival we can put it together and build something big, magnificent and emotionally strong to us. Place where we can give free hugs, laugh, cry.. and of course- take photos 🙂 Let me know if anyone is interested 🙂