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  1. Jemjem

    Liquicity London - 03/11/18

    I was not supposed to... but going again this year for the double w-e Spearhead+Liquicity 😉
  2. Jemjem

    2018 Festival Feedback

    I just wrote a review for a project I recently joined in Barcelona: For me, the main negative points were not due to the organisation (except the queuing one) but to some people behaviors, as said before... Stealing cups from the pockets to get the refund, stealing chairs on the campsite and opening stuff to take beers, taking Kartents.... That may be "normal" for some festivals, but it never happened before at Liquicity as far as I know. For the cup issue, I guess the only solution would be to limit the number of refunds possible, like they do at LiR. Another idea we can take from other festivals: the wristband chip instead of the liq card, as a lot got lost etc Also for the Kartent that got stolen (I mean, taken without being reserved), maybe build a closed area only accessible by people having ordered one.
  3. Jemjem

    Share your vinyl collection!

    These babies were waiting for me to come back 😄
  4. Jemjem

    The Hype Topic

    Only??? ONLY?????? That's way too much!!!!
  5. Jemjem

    LSB & Kinross - Roots

    I bought the vinyl without even listening to the previews... totally worth it 😄
  6. Jemjem

    Your worst clashes

    That's too fucking close to my worst clash possible on Sunday...😡😡😡😡😡😡
  7. Jemjem

    Extra festival night!

  8. Jemjem

    Basic packing list

    2015 was rainy, so they gave free ponchos, then 2016 and 2017 were really sunny during the day and cold during the night. I would take something for the rain anyway, with The Netherlands you shouldn't bet on the weather and consider all the possibilities 😄
  9. Jemjem

    Suggestions for Liquicity Festival 2018

    So that the opening DJs don't play for themself 🙂 Good idea, but I'd say a bit more than 10min, because the opening is also when you meet a lot of people so it takes time to hug everyone 😄
  10. History lesson by Uncle Tony
  11. Jemjem

    Must watch sets

    Yeah the beginning was strange, I almost left (and I'm a big fan...) but in the end it got better... The "problem" is that he's experimenting a lot, sometimes it works, sometimes not 😉
  12. Jemjem


    Favorite ones... Probably Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Butterfly Effect, A Time to Kill (try not to cry at the end... I dare you). Being a big fan of the Silent Hill series I really liked the first movie too, the second one a bit less but still ok-ish. When I was young I probably saw Best of the Best thousand times and I was a big fan of Jean-Claude Van Damme too haha Will edit/post again when I'll think about something else.
  13. Jemjem

    Favorite OST

    And Time's Scar LIve, goosebumps everytime...
  14. Jemjem

    Favorite OST

    One of my favorite ones, especially at the timestamp... So epic when you've played the game