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  1. Choyce

    Hello from Choyce!

    Hi! My screen name is Choyce, I just started making music. I will have just finished my final exams tomorrow and hope to help out in this community! You can find my page on facebook if you like at www.facebook.com/choyceuk I also run a gaming community with over 12,000 members for Runescape, all Liquicity scapers are invited to join us! My favorite artists include etherwood, maduk (of course), bensley and joe ford. Hopefully I'll be able to release some stuff soon, but if you want to hear the sort of stuff im working on check out my clyp.it! https://clyp.it/user/bmshh33m Cheers for having me here! Tristan
  2. Choyce


    I'm super excited for those juices. Really hope they are there again!