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  1. Liquicity

    Merch survey 2

    Hi there! Thanks for your amazing feedback on the first merchandise survey last week. We have processed your feedback and made some new designs! If you don’t see any of your previous favourites in here, don’t worry 🙂We already have confirmed some of the previous designs! https://liquicity.com/MerchSurvey Some questions require you to choose your favourite version first and then provide a 1 - 5 rating about the chosen version. Thanks a lot for your help! Liquicity
  2. Hey Liquicitizens! Now that we're finally public, it is time to thank the beta testers for their effort! We have worked hard over the last months to build a new home for all Liquicitizens, but were not able to test all features ourselves. Luckily, we found 80 Liquicitizens who wanted to help out by beta testing this new home. Current list of improvements for the Liquicity Community The beta lasted for 2 weeks and was very helpful. More than 240 feedback posts were added, including bugs, suggestions and more! A lot of bugs have been fixed and we are currently working on the following: Include the Liquicity Chat in the official Liquicity App (for iOS and Android) Make awards more visible on profiles + add more awards Improve attended events tool Improve mobile layout Liquicity Community Charts Personal Soundcloud/YouTube/DeviantArt fields & more Community Member Map + Location in profile Do you have ideas/improvements, or did you find any bugs? Please post a new topic in the Community Feedback subsection. We'd love to hear your thoughts: this is your home after all! In the meantime, don't forget to validate your event tickets! 🙂
  3. Liquicity

    Add your Emojis!

    Hey! We've added many emojis from Discord, such as.. , and . However, we would like to add more. Feeling creative? Post your emoji ideas below, explain why they should be added and we might add it! Please also include a name, for example :interesting:.
  4. Hey everyone😊 We made some new merch designs for the festival and we are curious about your opinions! It would be really helpful if you can help us out to decide which ones are the best to produce, takes less than 5 min: closed! Thanks! Liquicity UPDATE: We have enough responses, thanks! 😃
  5. Hi, The Liquicity Community Awards system is live! You can find more information about the different awards in the Announcement. You can find a list of all the awards (and stats about who has the most awards!) on the Awards page. We currently have the following awards: Medal of Honours Contributor Volunteer (more information will follow) Early Adopter (beta testers) Reputation Badges Reputation Level 1 - 5 (likes from others on your posts) Event Badges Event Visitor Level 1 - 5 Festival 2015 - 2018 Visitor International Raver (attended Liquicity Events in 5 different countries) However, we don't want it to stop here. We need your help! Which awards do you think would be a nice addition? Be creative, think about the different Liquicity platforms and possible awards. This is a discussion topic, so don't be shy!
  6. Liquicity

    Liquicity Awards

    Dear Liquicitizens, As some of you might have seen already, the Liquicity Community includes awards. After earning an award, the corresponding badge will be visible under your profile picture and on your profile! We currently have the following awards: Medal of Honours Contributor Volunteer (more information will follow) Early Adopter (beta testers) Reputation Badges Reputation Level 1 - 5 (likes from others on your posts) Event Badges Event Visitor Level 1 - 5 Festival 2015 - 2018 Visitor International Raver (attended Liquicity Events in 5 different countries) A complete list can be found on the Awards page. Event Badges It is not sufficient to simply say that you visited an event. We built a tool that reads ticket numbers, barcodes or customer numbers and automatically assigns the corresponding event. The tool can be found here. You can also reach it via the User Menu, accessible in the upper right corner. Search your mailboxes for all your Liquicity Event tickets and look at the corresponding number. For some events, you need to fill in the TicketID, while other events require you to fill in the barcode. Have a look at the scheme below to see which number you need! Note: not all events are in the system. We are still waiting on barcodes, so these events can be validated later. Levels We have a level system for the most dedicated Liquicitizens. As soon as you validate your first ticket, you will receive the Events Visitor Level 1 award. At every fifth event you will move one level higher in the ranks. That means that you will reach level 2 at 5, level 3 at 15, level 4 at 25 and level 5 at 35 attended events. I was on the guestlist, my dog ate my eTickets, ... Please fill in the Special Request form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. I have some feedback! Great! Please use the designated Community Feedback category to place your feedback. We are trying to make the best out of this feature and we need your suggestions! Last but not least: Do you have ideas for new awards? Please add your ideas in the New Award Ideas topic!
  7. Hey all, We already have many things in mind to improve or add this year, but the more ideas the better! So, do you have suggestions or improvements for Liquicity Festival 2018? Drop them below and we will investigate them🤗
  8. Do you guys have any suggestions? Do you miss anything? Maybe for more non liquicity d&b (music, events, artists etc)? Are some categories not needed? Should some be merged? Name change? New suggestions? Order change? Currently we have: GENERAL - Announcements - Community Feedback EVENTS - Liquicity Events - Liquicity Festival - Drum & Bass Events MUSIC - General - New Releases - DJing and Mixing - Track IDs - Production and Feedback OFF TOPIC - General - Introduce Yourself - Games corner - Technology / Coding - Merchandise - Entertainment - Art / Visuals
  9. Liquicity

    Beta Testing

    Dear Liquicitizens, Welcome to the closed beta for the Liquicity Community. We are super excited to have you all here, thank you for being the first ones! ABOUT THE BETA The beta will be open for 50 - 100 people and will last 3 - 7 days. We are trying to gather as much feedback as possible, so don't be shy! This is the new home for all Liquicitizens, decorate it as you see fit. Use the chat, create topics, edit your profile. AWARDS & TICKETS Later tonight / tomorrow, you will be able to enter all the ticket codes of your Liquicity Events tickets. The more codes you validate, the more awards you will receive. You can also obtain awards for other stuff, such as being a beta tester () or posting frequently. In the future, you will be able to validate your Liquicity Store purchases for awards. If you have any other ideas or suggestions for the awards system, please let us know! As soon as the system is ready, we will create a post and let you know. Bear with us! HOW TO PROVIDE FEEDBACK On the main page, you can see the category GENERAL > COMMUNITY FEEDBACK. Please create a topic for all bugs/errors/improvements/suggestions/other stuff. You can also use this link. THANK YOU!