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    ugh there so many good tracks
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    haven´t experienced any Liquicity Event, although I like the mixes of Maduk and Rameses B
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    can´t tell
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    Between Spacewalk and Mosaik are others also my favourites
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    would love to have the Liquicity Sweater
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    Pick your favourite Liquicity Event
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    ugh there are so many, but Stan SB´s old mix stands really out

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  1. I wanted to write this yesterday but the Soccer World Cup and after that a neat House Party took all my time and night and now after watching a football game of a friend I finally have time to do this ^^ Hi I´m Josua, I´m german, 22 years old and currently studying in the southern germany, Munich. Music especially Drum & Bass, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Japan are my addictions. Also I read mostly Fantasy and Sci-Fi books and I like cats even though I have a cat hair allergy. First Drum & Bass like song I listened to was Slam back around in 2006 and I´ve stumbled upon The Prodigy through a friend two/three years later (I actually heard Omen as a kid in the radio). My journey with Liquicity began somewhere in summer 2010 - don´t remember the exact date - when I was discovering the UKF Drum & Bass YouTube channel. Clicking through track after track I found Netsky and played every track of him on repeat they had on their channel resulting in searching for more leading me straight to Lost In This World. Looking forward to meet you one day! So enough talking for now - I hope you enjoyed my story - Music on! Josua
  2. Jo$h

    Hello I'm Nexus & Tight

    We are posting pictures of our cats weekly in the Discord Server
  3. Jo$h

    Aetherial - Path To Nowhere EP

    and I forgot to thank you for the free download ^^
  4. Jo$h

    Aetherial - Path To Nowhere EP

    you´re welcome! Keep on making music liek this ❤️
  5. Jo$h

    Aetherial - Path To Nowhere EP

    sooo smoooth ❤️
  6. Jo$h

    Leniz - My Passion For You EP

    Love Castle of Education
  7. Jo$h

    NCT - Keep It Movin

    This sounds great! Love to hear more from you guys!
  8. Jo$h

    Liquicity Heidelberg

    I'll be there!