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  1. Tomtomdehs

    2018 Festival Feedback

    Someone has this idea on the Facebook group, I think it's the better place to do it! 🙂 So what could be improve ? What was perfect and that we have to keep for next year ? What you really don't want to see again ? ... Bad point : - For me, only one thing to improve, the drinkable water... On the campsite, it was really hard to drink enough water. If you didn't have a bottle, it was really annoying 😕 And inside the festival it was a bit better, but I think that could be better about drinkable free water. - About the showers, it could be great to have the possibility to take one after all concerts, just before bed ! There are less people and it's really nice when you danced too much 😛 Good point : - You really should keep the lunar stage like it is, it was perfect! - Chilling parts were amazing Cheers 🙂
  2. Tomtomdehs

    Basic packing list

    essential oil of lavender is the best for that if you are fine with the smelling or tea tree too
  3. Tomtomdehs

    Share your playlist

    2897 titles, you're crazy hahaha I only have this one to walk fast 😛 After i pick some playlist from other people, like this one
  4. Tomtomdehs

    Liquicity Festival 2018 Spotify Playlist

    There is also this one, don't know which one is the best one 😛
  5. Hello, What do you think about add a field in your account to share your farovite music/playlist from youtube/SoundCloud/spotify/deezer... Other Just a simple link to let people know what you're listenning and maybe make them discover something cool. With this idea, it could be great if you really enjoy the music that someone listen (like if Maduk is active on this community), to add him to your fav and when he updates this field, you got an email or a notification with his new fav music link. I don't know if it's easy to do or not, but at least a field more in your account shouldn't be a problem I think and you could discover so many cool music. Thank you guys !