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Thanks, beta testers! Summary of the first weeks... :-)

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Hey Liquicitizens!


Now that we're finally public, it is time to thank the beta testers for their effort! We have worked hard over the last months to build a new home for all Liquicitizens, but were not able to test all features ourselves. Luckily, we found 80 Liquicitizens who wanted to help out by beta testing this new home.


Current list of improvements for the Liquicity Community


The beta lasted for 2 weeks and was very helpful.  More than 240 feedback  posts were added, including bugs, suggestions and more! A lot of bugs have been fixed and we are  currently working on the following:


  • Include the Liquicity Chat in the official Liquicity App (for iOS and Android)
  • Make awards more visible on profiles + add more awards
  • Improve attended events tool
  • Improve mobile layout
  • Liquicity Community Charts
  • Personal Soundcloud/YouTube/DeviantArt fields & more
  • Community Member Map + Location in profile


Do you have ideas/improvements, or did you find any bugs?


Please post a new topic in the Community Feedback subsection. We'd love to hear your thoughts: this is your home after all! In the meantime, don't forget to validate your event tickets! 🙂

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